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Download (213.25 KB) Download (190.79 KB) Download (318.82 KB) Download (233.4 KB) Download (109.5;at present, China is in a serious stage of aging society. According to the data show that nearly 8 million of the elderly enter the aging ranks each year, which shows that the development of the elderly industry has a bright future. throughout the domestic shoe market, shoes on the shelf for children, youth, sports shoes, casual shoes, middle-aged leather goods but special shoes for a superb collection of beautiful things, the elderly are scanty. This is closely related to the low profits of the production and sale of special shoes for the elderly. However, in the premise of aging industry giant, shoe enterprises through rigorous market research, understand the core needs of the elderly and a series of preparatory work, and as a basis for the elderly shoe production of marketable, maximize profits and so all possible. Based on the analysis of the elderly consumption of shoes, shoes enterprises to produce the most basic needs of the elderly to meet the special shoes more favored, but nothing more than warm, comfortable, light, safe and without health care function shoes. It is well known that the elderly are more modest and frugal than those of other age groups, so the price is too high. Of course, ther jordan shoes online sale e are some special groups for the elderly, combined with high-tech, high prices are reasonable. For example, the United States shoes upcoming for built-in global positioning system of dementia patients. Market demand decides the development direction of shoe enterprise, only grasp this one key factor, shoe enterprise ability achieves success. national "12th Five-Year" plan clearly stated that "priority to the development of social pension services, nurturing and strengthening the aging service industry and industry."". The traditional concept of Chinese pension is home care, and, indeed wrong, we should plan the aging industry needs the strong support of government social enterprises. Clearly, the aging industry also needs to build a strong brand of related industries. Then, shoes enterprises should be in the elderly special shoes on the full drive, to create a strong brand of special footwear for the elderly, and strive to become the footwear industry's leading brand, better service to the elderly. (responsibility editor: afnhk) : August 21st news, in a marathon run on Sunday, two marathons each had a spring on their sole to boost their horsepower. according to Reuters, Angola's Ant Jan Ba (Joao N'Tyamba) and Ecuador's Tenorio (Franklin Tenorio) chose Spira Stinger brand running shoes, the shoe sole has two stainless steel spring. American track and field athletes w cheap air jordans ear this kind of shoe department banned, that will lead to unfair competition, but the IAAF have not made, so that Spira had the opportunity on the olympics. "our shoes bring absolute advantage is not greater than Speedo swimsuit, but no one said Phelps should be suspended," Spira chief executive Andy Krafsur said in a telephone interview. the marathon race requires high shoes. First of all, the shoes have to endure a distance of 42.195 kilometers, then comfortable, light, which can protect the feet, but also can reduce fatigue. other runners on the marathon also chose unusual running shoes. For example, the United States Asics Ryan (he Hall), he chose is running shoes, this shoe soles from the grain of repression, you can absorb water and improve traction. : Krafsur says all running shoes are designed to help athletes finish the race better, so he doesn't understand why shoes are loaded with springs. veteran Ant Jan Ba is 40 years old this year; he says running shoes with springs can make them more competitive. (responsibility editor: admin)our "my shoes I show" activities are hot, we have the sun out of his feet on the wonderful pictures, also tells their stories and Sneaker shoes have to say. Click and view click into my shoes and my show area we all know ray - Allen has played for the Seattle SuperSonics, and this by the color green, white with the air jordan 13 PE is he was in a supersonic period to build, color green, white also was consistent with and then supersonic Home Jersey extremely, tongue ray and number 34 embroidery indicates the hostess. 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